Thursday, April 2, 2009

Colt 45

The other day i dropped in South Ave. Market
sounds like a cool place but it is only a gas station
I was deciding on some cold beverage
when something popped out!!!
and in 16 oz cans
i was damned amazed so i bought a six pack

while i was drinking this cool beverage
my roomate walked in and said,
"wow, that's right, you are from wyoming."
hmmm, thanks bud

he asked what it tastes like

was i supposed to pour it in a pint glass
swirl it around and smell before tasting
nope, i said it tastes like beer, noooo shit
then we thought that colt 45 must be all the beer companies combined
pabst, schmidts, coors, bud, keystone, and high gravity (for that dark taste)
it sure tastes like that i guess
a mix of goodness for sure

i hope they keep selling that shit cuz i will buy it all the time
only $4.49 a six pack
with no sales tax too
god i love montana

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