Wednesday, April 1, 2009

School=None=1 Week

So its half-way between spring-break
woohooooo spring break 09 baby
cancun yeahhhhh parrtttttyyyyy

actually, i just got back from smith rock, oreeegon
weather turned sour today so we headed back.
but i got 3 days of some excellent climbing in
i went with one of my roomates "Greenstein"
no he's no Jewish but convince him that he is
he also needs some damn cat-nip or something for his ADD
being in a car with him for 9 hours is something else
then you get home and you live with him, ohhhh yeah
great times

Now i have another half week to hang out
might go see the little feller my sister popped out almost 2 years ago on april 11th
Well, my roomates are blabbin about fire, and i hate that shit
so i cant really write right now, ahhhhhh

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