Thursday, April 23, 2009

the map on the back of her back

so after the yonder show tonight,
i rode my "fuji" '71 back to my homestead......

ya know that buildin
in deadwood, sd
it is possibly titled
"morning star"

it involves kevin costner
and the 3rd floor, i believe

it has memorable item from his movies
such as....
my supered favorite movie of ago
but what i do remember is the other one
it was a bike-n movie

that is how i felt tonight
.no music
.one tracked mind
.prayin to the lord hey-zeus
it was intense
i guess i sort of had an idea of
-get home, go to bed, dream,
maybe wake up during the sleepage,
go back asleep, wake-up,
live a lively life.....that day,today,tomarrow

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