Wednesday, April 22, 2009


ha, do you love life?
cuz i sure am!!!!

im love-n the life im like-n
and like-n the love of life
im live-n the life
and like-n the love
and like love im live-n life

someday i will (earn) a recorder
and record my recordings
that are recorded in my records
or my mind.


i hope i trust my heart aches
and my homeplace too
where i dream
and seem to hide
and find things i do

...sparker (r)

ya know how you have a mother.

well my name wouldve been
S. James Jelle
if somehow i didn't acquire my fathers last name
that wouldve been cool
maybe i should start reply-ing to only

St. James (saint james)

but im stuck with that thing you get when your born
or i could get it legally changed
but that requires some time

it goes

1st-my father's father's middle name

2nd-my mother's father's first name

3rd-my father's father's father's father's (etc.) last name

and you create and say "me"

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