Monday, July 26, 2010

Things From Ten Sleep, WY

Some pics of weird shit and pocket pulling

Me (dirty)

(hasnt registered as a sexual offender yet, but...)
...u should lock up ur kids just in case

(came to visit for a few days)

No gay shit here, just man massages

with the dog
(been in my folks home-home before my time)
(and i borrowed it (stole it) from the folks)

Whit (bozeman) and Shelly (colo)
on Lil Smokey
best wall there

rest day activity
god bless joseph smith
there seems to be a mor-man church at every small town
in wyo

Jesse's facination with butterflies
pretty sure he is the one taking it from his girlfriend
"here it come jesse, (straaaap)"

now some photos from

the craziness of the grasshopperwall
joe fa'n a 14a
pretty sick to see
craziness at the wall too
as u can c

levi with the french blow
on "Kielbasa 12c"
we did the double send that day, hell yea

My Flail but sportin well on EVK 12c

Levi's in "Levi mode"
sending EVK 2nd go

So i wasnt feeling it on EVK
and was quiting for the day
then i remembered i brought this little savior up
so jesse and i took a strike out
and i took another shot of jimmy boy
an i was feeling reallll good

and sent Crown Prince Abdullah 12d
second go
fuck yeaaa

with a cruxy clip....

......and another

levi send second go also, yeaaaa

and a parting shot from jesse again

a week or two or something left here
and its back to playin some bluegrass
then school will fuckin start sooner than later
and getting ready for some more intense training this fall
and maybe less drinkin with the crew

come down to River City Roots Festival
the weekend before school starts
playin with Broken Valley Road Show
on sunday
or any other shows come on down

for now, i rest and eat some of the best ice cream ever
from Dirty Sally's

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  1. the man massage, so straight. you guys are CRUSHING!!!!