Sunday, July 11, 2010

happy birthday me!!!

yes it is 8.00am on a sunday
but i got to make the best of me turing 26
so far it includes coffee for free
at liquid planet
then it will be the tradition
that has been going on for 3 years now
bloody marys at snowbowl
but this year has the addition
of the world cup title
its going to be a good day
oh and i got an addition to my climbing shit

#1. new hirundos harness
(since mine was falling apart)
(and its bright orange)

#3. 70 meter beal
(all my ropes r fucked)
now i will feel super safe

#2. the canon t2i
(fuckinn sickkkkk)

now i can follow my dreams
shooting porns
no no no

thanks mother jane for shooting me out 26 years ago
and pa for, ya know, doing it


  1. Damn, you scored! Happy b'day Scotty from the North Rim crew... opening routes weekly that *you* are gonna want to climb.


  2. Oh, yeah, 2 routes at Mill for you and that new 70m: Proof of Concept (11d) and a new 12a/b (?) that did this to my hands yesterday. Szaaaah!