Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4 more days

4 more days
and i turn 26
thats old
my back does not hurt
but i am getting older
maybe i am in the best shape of my life
maybe i just have cancer and i am always skinny
who knows
here is some facts about the number 26

-only single number between a square (25) and a cube (27)-

-a rhombicuboctahedron has 26 sides-

-the atomic number of IRON- (because i am made of it)

-for the less smart, the number of letters in the human alphabet-

-going to have to fun a marathon-

-i can no longer be drafted in the U.S. (yeahhh)-

-26 red and 26 black cards in a deck-

-how old i will be on sunday the 11th-

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