Thursday, July 15, 2010

When I Am Outside

i usually do things inside.
it is summersummer
im not a big fan of the SUN

so while it is hot and bothered weather

.my day inside consists of.

an ALL day, or almost all day
of being inside

sometimes ill dabble on paintings

fingerboard workouts (all day)

play some guitar and think of new songs
million dollar catchy tunes usually

do some creative writing on my typewriter
which i stole from my grams

get into the future of the internet on this piece

write those catchy new songs in this folder
which is worth bout 7 1/2 million

one of my songs i am working on

practice some bass

needing my outside fix, without enjoying the sun
i put an i pod in my ears, and go for an intense
intense bike ride round the town

play these guys all day
while im doing the above and below

do a lot of crunches and low abs on this beautiful looking carpet

cook some oats, peantbutter, and naners
and other things on this stove

there are some things missing but you get the point
played at the kootenai river bluegrass fest this past weekend
and it was great
played round 2 1/2 hours
and got paid bank
wierd playin music and gettin paid

so now i am going to go on a trip back to ten sleep
and hopefully climb super duper hard

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