Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Future

Watching TRON: Legacy last night
made me think of the future
oh, n if u havent seen it
holy shit yea, awesome
i shouldve got all effed up and saw it in 3d
it would have been life changing

but the future
some people think about professional jobs after school
and probably babies and how many pets they want
what color of trim they want on the outside of their house
should we start saving for the future

Future: time that is to be or come hereafter

well i am sure not think bout the past

Past: gone by or elapsed in time

well i do think a lot
cuz i guess old thoughts help create new ones
or influence new ones

so my future plans
cuz i never make goals, just plans
are something like this

walk at graduation,
but have to take foreign language in the summer
soon to be not foreign to me

play weddings and shows
and hopefully be Paws-Up house band
yeah, Paws-Up
for you haters of this place
i do not care
cuz people that go there
have shats load of money and connections
so Paws-Up will be in my liking from Apr 30-Sept 10
so, school and music
and some Ten Sleep runs after July 7th, (end of school [forever])
play Grand Targee Bluegrass Festival (huggggeeee)
River City Roots (please no fuckin Gourds)
around Sept 10th
is when my future-journey begins

-thoughts ive thought of-

#1 - use rest of funds and money makings
and travel the west for a long time
climbing and enjoying life while young(er)

#2 - jesse's grants go through
go to pakistan
and hopefully make it back
then use the funds left and do #1

#3 - do #1 and then go to South America
for a month or two with those kids
and then return

#4 - do #1 and go to Hawaii
with the family Dec. 14th
and then keep doing #1

#5 - just quit being a pussy
and buy a one way ticket to Spain
ole Mother has been lookin at Visa's?
email's from Talo have been looking up
-work at vertical world
-or with his girlfriend at an adventure park for classies
-get faceballs for the spanish ladies
-motorhome and crashpads are in already, just waiting
-beer can be a dollar in some places, oh yea
so what am i doing, right?