Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back in Black(ness)

Back in Missoula, n sorta sore
snowing yesterday
so dill n i packed up and got the ajdgkl;jlk out of there
fun times, fun times, fun times
cuz i love that place
now i have to go back with like
31 projects
and i cant wait til the gym opens
like very much cant wait
excited more the least

here is some random parting shots

dylan getting all 'hamstringee' on
'they call him jordan'

a huge 20 foot hill to get to here
wow, i love smoking sometimes
back to the cardio

so close on res evil
itty tid bit moves
taht pumps me out
"cant wait for the gym"

gonna get 'DIRTY'
or white-ee

another view of those pearly whites
brush your teeth kids

ryan in good spirits


taking a week off
first vagina finger (flapper) ever
on my pinkie
so that means time to cover up a tattoo with another tattoo
here comes pain

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