Sunday, April 24, 2011


again went climbing and didnt take pictures
oh well
here is a visual writing
first close your eyes

got a lot of moves of more progress
on the girl friends best friend right prob
shit, it is hard
both the left variant and right too
got sunburnt
and now doing what i usually do
sit inside on beautiful days
and homework the shit out of school

it is nicer than it was yesterday
wow spring is here

dont get your panties in a bundle
cuz that shit will be gone tomarrow

good news
jesse got all on 1 of 5 grants
that means 1 of 5
and all $8000 worth
this is what jesse said
(which is 71% true, cuz you never know)

amy copp or somebody related to
jonny copp
for the micah dash/ jonny copp foundation
said jesse's grant blew all other
out of the water
pros n all
so she gave 8000 do

so that is plane tickets and a little more
to Pakistan
scary, but ill grow out my beard
and be fine
does everybody in Pakistan have beards?
The US show over there doesnt i bet
getting all political over here now

anyway, that is badass
4 more grants and the due dates to get back to him
are the 30th

and the coffee lady just reminded me its Easter
isnt that like Jesus' resurrection or something
bunch of jargon nanners if ive ever heard

this is a genuine product of friday night

yea, double your pleasure, double your fun

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