Tuesday, April 5, 2011


been here for 4 days or something like that
and dylan n i been going at it
not like that, but rock climbing

our first day here was 'the end of the world'
meaning we tried a shat load of hard problems in one d

eden v10 (dylan is veryyy close)
lumberjack v9 (woohooo)
they call him jordan v7 (booo)
team effort sit v9? (i feel fat)
hooters v9 (were both close)
fiery furnace v10
the obelisk v9

and maybe i forgot some but who knows
ticked one proj that day 'lumberjack'
medium #4 to small #7 on the campus board
that is what i tried to train for and it paid off

that night consisted of lots of alcohol
with brandon, molly, jack, bree, brittany,
ryan, allison, steph, cory, talus, diego, n dylan

so the next day was a little sore and tired

tried playmate of the year v9
and couldnt get off the ground this time, errrr
'battletoads' is crazy hard
then to new joes
to meet up with the crew

tried 'two finger variation'
and i thought my two tendons were going to rip out
molly hopped on 'stand-up' v8
and sent with the quickness
this problem has been a nemesis for me forever
after some refined foot beta (seems like you hear that a lot)
i sent woowhooo
so after that molly said we did half the problem
since stand-up
is half of 'resident evil' v10
so some more workin
and i got really close but pumped and 2 moves away

i blame my low power endurance
but that is to be blame for our shitty gym
3 or 4 move problems are a lot of difference
when power enduro problems outside
hopefully i am going to pee all over that problem tomarrow

i am dirty and smelly and i fuckin love it

here are some pics

dylan closing in on 'eden'

dylan being dylan while molly is trying 'resident evil'

'eden' is way hard, but i look serious

me trying 'resident evil'

and then this man showed up last night
can anyone say 'strike-outs'


  1. STRIKEOUTS DE FRANCAIS (add box wine to the end of the whiskey hit)

    keep crushing booyyssss. and molly.