Friday, October 22, 2010

Boulders, n Bluegrass

yes, a great title but it fits

shoulder is good
and out a shape indeed

a little bit of info on how to heal an injury

#1. drink a lot (cuz ya cant climb)

#2. take drugs (cuz ya cant climb)

#3. ride gym bike n do abs only (cuz ya cant climb)

#4. play lots of music (cuz ya cant climb)

thats bout it
just drinkin and druggin (hank III)

joe recently got the first ascent of the nice house proj
nice work boy, but the name??? come on now

then molly followed up with the 2nd
and then sam with the 3rd, no no
just kiddin, he keeps fallin from the top
shoulda been a punter in futbal
sorry sam, ur weird lately

joe on "swamp fox or swamp donkey or backwoods baptist"

also played the bozeman bluegrass fest last weekend
and stayed up all night like usual
like i said, drinkin n druggin

here are some recent pics
that cracked out greenstein took
he says the differ

broken valley roadshow
w/brain paw on fiddle

i fuckin hate bluegrass
and have no fun

matt hates it too

cam, pete, n aaron

cam n aaron n me

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