Friday, October 29, 2010


had some new faith in kooter yesterday

climbed the tempess
which is very good and a very good warm up
then went over and cleaned up the 2nd pitch to "low fat turkey dog"
pretty awesome link it will be
12a or b ? into 12 b or c ?
equals 12c or d

not sure but a good 30 meter route to be had soon

oh its halloween
a "used to be favorite holiday"
now i just wanna get out a town n go climb
yes, cliche and cheezy sounding but true

some other things on the mind r

thank god i didnt go to signal path last night
it wouldve been a 3 to 4 day recovery
given the effects

wondering what album Phish will cover for halloween
yeah, cant wait
the past albums have been

1994- the beatles "white album"
1995- the who "quadrophenia"
1996-talking heads "remain in light"
1998- velvet underground "loaded"
2009- rolling stones "exile on main street"

so for all you jam band haters
and rap/hip-hop lovers (same fuckin thing)
do yourself a favor and listen to one of these shows
cuz it is live, not studio
whoa, sorry

but word is they r going to play

1. Queen’s “A Night at the Opera,”

2. Genesis, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” or“Selling England By the Pound,”

3. Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland,”

4. King Crimson’s “Lark’s Tongue In Aspic"

5. Frank Zappa

6. Led Zepplin

yep its called the grapevine
they dont have that at rappy-rap shit grapevine now do they
well, other than rape and killings

to make you phish haters hate
i now have 593 shows
and that includes studio albums

i graduate in the spring
thats all
me n jetta r going to have a lot of road time after that

who wants to go to smith rock for thanksgiving

well for now

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