Sunday, October 24, 2010

runnin with the devil

had an awesome day the other day
yes, i prayed the night before
to god
and also cuz i repeated a whole bunch of problems
at loho

weather was pissy to go to the nicehouse
thank god

so we decided to go to loho

i did

fetus raper
spread em stand
belayed reaction (1st ever)
new zulu (way better, but alright)
beautiful people
the traverse
gib mir feff

yeaaaaa for god

if ur reading this
i am hoping you just came from a place of worship
cuz it helped me fight my shit
so no more drugs and alcohol
and runnin with the devil
well, maybe a little bit
not too much
maybe, sorta, kinda really, but not

1 comment:

  1. "I was strung out on drugs. But then I found the Lord. Now I'm all strung out on the Lord." --Cheech and Chong