Tuesday, October 5, 2010

come sing it now

"goin climbin climbin climbin"
"oh yeahhhhh"

pretty cool song huh
just wrote it

went to the doctor
ole man rivers more like it
and basically i told him more than he knew
thanks to internet and ken and jesse

sort a funny
nothin wrong with it
just overuse and me being dumb as shit

so i am takin it slow
like in a relationship
but i am not going to break hearts
cuz it is my shoulder
it has no feelins

katie said shes gonna "hook me up"
with one of the rockin rudy chics
shit yeah, i love 18 year olds

i think i might go home n shave
no no
i will grow a creepstash


i heard this joke the other day
love it

"how many dead hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb"

"a number you've never heard of"

yep, it made me go out and buy some 28w 36L black jeans

some major "denim cock" there
not sure what that is, huh
well look at the album cover "sticky fingers" by rolling stones
that will give you a picture

well going to go do homework of the homework i dont have to do
watch movies or make pots
like the saying "Save Babies OR DIE"

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