Sunday, October 31, 2010

sober day

checkin in to homework
but dont ever really have any
dont count art as that shit
but for people that use stumble upon
that like art.
go to

good stuff
and lots of different shit
sort of like things about things
ya know

also, gonna do the "2 times a month" sunday thing
best buy, barnes n noble, walk around home depot
thats bout it.

could waste bout 2 hours doing that shit

have to do a scenario scene for photography this week
all i can think of is dead shit
but here is an old good friend from highschool
great stuff
i can and u could probably tell
that she is from wyoming
go get them lady
i know how to fill out grad papers
me dumb drrrrrrrr
no i dont know how

well, found out greenstein knows how
and also, he is alive
bit of a crazy-nesss last night
oh, and i am alive too


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