Saturday, February 5, 2011

no sking allowed

music is great
it sucks when you get a shat load of texts about climbing this weekend
actually 2,
and you have to go to some shitty ski resort
and play music
yeah, sounds wonderful
but when you hate snow and shit weather
and do not ski
it makes you just want to sit at home and stare at the tv
and not climb
cuz that is what is going to happen for 2 days
sounds terrible huh
for some reason if i dont make it to the gym 1 day
i feel sluggish
so i guess it could be a good thing to take the day or two off
the whole 3-5 hours a day workinworkinworkin gym style
is way to obsessive right now
but it is fun time
maybe ill come back with some just fabulous photos
of the ski area, ha
ill burn 'em before they hit the big time

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