Sunday, February 27, 2011


lets see if i can get this questionnaire right

at the bar the other night, yea surprise
hangin with some folks that i not necessarily sort-a want to hang out with
have to cuz i am hangin out with them
and the conversations or 'questions' were rather 'a bore'
so for them to avoid further bland 'answers' to their questions
i decide to join 2 that i want to hang with for a smoke
yea, a smoke
and as i am enjoying a 'camel blue' or 'camel light' outside
one of the few passerby's outside happens to be a gym chick, sort-a dreamy too
that i have never talked to or ever intend to
cuz member, u dont ever talk to dream girls

and she says
'hey, you smoke?'
for the first word of conversation that extracts out of her mouth to be that
i just act drunkin-ly great with my humor
and say
'why yes, would u like one?'
it felt like that question game
ya know, where you get asked a question and then answer with another question
except she said
'no, i do cardio'
well shit lady
i was polite and said
'well, i do too'
and that was that
cuz being a passerby, you are walkin and dont stop
unless you have a reason to
hopefully i will never talk to her
unless she sees me doing some weird work out
or Cardio in the gym
then things will get weird

so i went inside and questioned peoples questions for the fun of it

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  1. you have gym girls all over the place.