Saturday, February 26, 2011


so after about 6 or 7 years of record collecting
or becoming broke because of music
or a never-ending-story
i have finally found that one record
it has been numerous ebay bids of $100
and never won
and never found it anywhere
well yesterday
i go on my somewhat bi-weekly record scramble
in the fellow at Rockin Rudy's 2 holds bluegrass records for me
and i come in as usual expecting new old shit i dont have
this record i present to you was glowing like gold in the pile
i shit my pants
like had to go check my shit cuz i thought i shit my pants

and i got it for 8 dollars
8 fucking dollars
VG+ too
that means Very Good Plus conditions

John Hartford's "Morning Bugle"
shit yea

Now the search it is not over
cuz there is another mysterious copy out there
so my search actually never ends
but today ill let it rest
YEAAAAAAA for music

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