Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Some photos from this past weekend at Maverick Ski Mountain

Katee-Cat lookin amused and lookin in to YOUR eyes (bout 2:30am)

Andy rippin on every instrument as usual
and saying in his head
"are those my hands?"
(bout 3:47am)

Cams got his mando stuck (the am of am's)

Then a couple shots from the Bishop trip
that were still on my camera

Kyle's Aids Hands
Neeleys Tender Tip

Brandon showing us what we should NOT do

"Almost, fuck, shit," says me
Kyle on Acid Wash Left

Soon i will have no homework
or music
and Sams will show me video skill on macs
then i will put up a send and neeley pulling out shrubs of frustration
oh yea

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