Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well, maybe able to believe
i am not though... 'able to believe'
cuz i dont give a shit
what you ask?
whelll, you asked the wrong question

#1 of my list

search jpeg size in google images
what for you ask?
whelll, you asked the right question

perhaps, a nice crux crimp on some pro-climbing photo
a covered swimsuit breast on the new SI swimsuit magazine

yeah, bigger jpeg file
Bigger picture

Dont think too hard

#2 that brings me to tech-nol-o-gee

not sure bout ya'll but im ready for "the new"

dont watch but read "I, Robot"
great robot-techo shit
and who wrote it, Isaac Asimov
I very much wish this dude was my father
Look at those burns

find his grave
and dig up some of that DNA
this dude needs to be reproduced
and after you get done reading 'I, Robot'
get yourself 'Alien Years'
it is not about some 2012 shit
end of the world crap
it is about aliens, duh

and this is my other wishful father i wanted

Robert Silverberg

he is still alive
and by that nasty goat-tee
he does probably reproduce quite regularly
why i love this guy dearly is not only that he is a sci-fi man
but a soft-core writer
hell yeah
yeah i heard it too
that porn music thats reaming through your head

in every book he writes
that ole vaginee thing that women have is called "the triangle"
funny stuff
"crescent triangle"
"bearded triangle"
every time i come across it
i stop, and imagine
what, wouldnt you
pretty descriptive triangle

but unfortunately i have to read Native American Philosophy right now
so no time for fun read time
but ill hopefully make up for it in 7 months in counting (down)

quote that could from me (say it in an old grannies voice cuz its better)

"dont forget your snow-shoes young feller"

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