Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weighing My Options

now u may read this
and if ur from montana or wyoming
or some "think-ur-racist-state
you may say

"that is very gay"

well, no it is not,
i am a climber
thats all i really like to do
and think about (a little art cuz i have to too)
and talk about (with climber friends)
and dream about sometimes

what did they say gay about
ha, well i was bored after some bicycling and sauna-in
and thought about all this extra baggage i have on me
not fat or hair, but weight
like-in clothes, books, shoe(s)
huge cell phone
water, coffee, jar of peanut butter

this stuff weighs up too
being to cool bro-skee in the gym
i weighed myself with the weigher
but with what i go to school with

and i came out a big ole whoppin
no wonder sometimes when i put on my shorts n tee
and do some power squats i feel very feather-ee

now there could be some guesses
about what the total baggage weight is
but that is all just guessing
it is like when someone says

"oh dude
you have no idea what happened to me,
life changing"

and then they say

"oh nevermind"

i hate/dislike/discriminate against people that do that

so i will give that example by saying

"if you take 4x4
and minus 10 of what 4x4 equals
add 16 to that
times that by 2
take that and divide that by 4
add 5
to that times by 3
minus 16
and you could very well much get the answer"

truthfully speaking
Q = "who cares right?"


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