Thursday, March 17, 2011


there is more fans and fanatics since the internet

i remember when....

my sister said
"i am going to use the world wide web"

if i couldve said
"what the fuck is that"
in front of my mother, i would have

but all these years have passed, fast

and i realized that there r many fanatics
because of the internet

there is no need to go out
search history books or encyclopedias
because we have that shit at our finger-tips

i am going to research something,
not sure what yet
and become a crazed lunatic fanatic
and have that become my #1 ultimate hobby
for one week

the possibilities r unlimited

oh and in record news
i got the last record in the John Hartford series
includes 20 different albums up to 1991
7 copies of Aereo-Plain

-this album changed bluegrass music forever in 1971

3 of Mark Twang
and so on and so on
so i am happy on this great Americanized-Missoula holiday
well, gives me an excuse to blackout and make babies

i figured out what i am being a fanatic on

PRO-CHOICE bitchessssss

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