Monday, March 28, 2011

my time in school

dwindling down, the school time is

i am in art school
not really an artistok, an artist but not like some kids here
starting to not like ceramics one bitso i draw light bulbs and 11" straight lines that always turn left
and start 11" from the left and bottom
so here is somethings i do in 'college'
i know, college

'39 Lightbulbs' 2011 (26"x 40")

'Eleven Left' 2011 (18"x 30")

close-up 'Eleven Left"

like art school
art these days in this post-modernist world

there is back story's to the story's of "why" i made these pieces
pretty cool n complicated huh?

and when explaining these pieces
i do not use the words


but i do use the words


o, look, its sunny out for a bit

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