Wednesday, March 2, 2011

old roll

just recently found an old roll of film
and on it said "the city"
what the heckers?
i reckon it was what i thought it was
so took to me good friend Sam at the Dark Room
and had her develop that shit stat
and sure enough
it was my first 'real' climbing trip
of many spring breaks ago with Greenstein

awesome to look back
oh and it is when my facial pubes were getting out of hand
the photos were takin on my sis's film camera, yeah sounds ancient
but the contrast is great now huh. let me tell you
b&w on color negs c-41

just boulderin some narnar-narnar bra

im guessing "the morning glory spire"

green trying to commit suicide,
but i wouldnt let him
i am a good friend

great night? shot or something
as photo-lingo goes

well hey there buddy
what do ya need?

planned for the break yesterday around 3:47 or something like that
joe's it is.
super pumped
and i sometimes write pumped like "pumped up"
cuz spelling pysche, or sicke or how ever you spell it is a pain cuz
every time i dont know how to spell it
and every time i try to look it up
but cant really find the right one
its like when you teachers 'way back'
would say
"go look it up in the dictionary" (with granny voice)
i never got that because you dont know how to spell it
thank the jesus that it is 2011

whoa, i have been going to some kind of education institution
since like, like 1988 or 1989
shit, now my brain hurts


  1. Incredible photos. pube beard to the max. I do believe it was 3:54 pm.

  2. Wow, dude. That beard is something else. Do it again