Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adventure Driving

usually i do a lot of adventure climbing
but yesterday
i never have school
so i went adventure driving
and adventure hiking
and a little climbing

my vehicle took my places unimaginable

actually down the bitterroot

1st stop
climbed a bit on real live rock, wow fun times yea

2nd stop
destination: trail 123
looking for the wall dean and i want to trundle blocks from
this one looks real good

during this fun hike by my lonesome
i was following a trail (yeah drrr)
and the only fresh tracks was of a cat
prehaps a kitty cat, thats what i was hoping for
a little bit after this wall i saw
the kittysnapper tracks stopped
went left 5 feet and back the way they came

yep, thats when my lonesome self got real paranoid
oh and it doesnt help hikin under-a-influence
(whatever you want to think)
so i took out my 2" blade
started to get my daily cardio in
and ran back, in snow, oo, with yak traks
at one point i almost fell over because my ears were fully tuned in
and i thought i heard something
and boom, straight scared

a black bird was following me too
and caw-n a lot
i was pretty positive that he was telling the cat where i was

as time went on and the trail was almost to and end
i settled down my brain functions and came back to "normal"

on the way out, car way,
just took some random roads
drove some more random roads
then found the ultimate crag/destroyer vehicle
i really wanted to trade
but luckly the writing on the 'for sale'
was far too gone

made it home
gym time (cant wait for the new one)
and went to bed early like a responsible adult should do

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