Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Seller

Hi There

My name is James Jelle

I want to tell you a little bout myself

.well, first off
you should know i love rugs

lots of them too


they are comfortable
they keep u warm when times r cold
you can look great lying around them

if you dont have a home, or bed
they make a great snuggle cuddler pal

if your bored you can talk to the rugs
and say anything you want
because they dont have much of any feelings

they dont always stay clean
but can be easily clean...ed up

they are a crowd pleaser for
lying a flat blanket out
and lying down ur sweet one
and making sweet sweet love
for a very long time
while staying warm

well actually that is all about me

my whole life is dependent,
and all about

boy do i love them
u shall too

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