Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kickin the Kids Out

lets give a great scenario here

I look at some houses 'round town
for my return after my journey

one sparks my sparkers
and i go to a real estate place (today)
and check it out
perfect i say
sweet little nancy is the agents name

looks a lot like one of the golden girls
but not the funny one
(i watched it with my mother)

and go through the whole
questionare that my father gave me

-no mold
-the detached garage (my studio)
is hardwood and heated
-property tax (really good)

but the kicker
the tenants that not only live there
but run a preschool

shit like this goes down there

look how psyched those kids are
they are learning
prolly eating many carrots and jugs of apple juice

so by me taking over this house
and kickin the "tenants" out
cuz they obviously want to stay
would i be considered anti-education
or "hater-of-kids"
by no means am i

i love kids
have you seen me with my niece
i love kids
i should be greatest uncle for 4 years in a row
but all in all
i will kick the tenants out
and shut down that preschool
cuz that is what i do
cause trouble and wrong doings

i might go be a 'reader guest'
or guest speaker at the school
one day before i shut it down
and get all the kids info
just to see if i was the cause for their later drug problems
teenage pregnancy
meth use
college education

perhaps i could run a preschool

1 comment:

  1. This sounds a lot like the plotline for a feel-good movie where the tour-hardened bluegrass bass player (better make it rock or blues since bluegrass is too upbeat for the storyline) comes off the road and has his heart softened by the rugrats he was going to evict. There has to be a love interest, though... probably the preschool teacher played by Taylor Swift, who it so happens, is a musical talent in her own right and turns the hardened bass player from electric to upright and rock to country. They (you and she) form a duet and eventually settle in to regular guest appearances on Prairie Home Companion, and live happily ever after. In the end, the living room is filled with their own little rugrats and a miniature Monkees drum kit.