Sunday, September 11, 2011

So close

one trait that i own
qualify for
dominate is

"changing my mind"

and this changing my mind
gets me into situations

whether it be
saving a youngn from a freighttrain
or not

making a few bucks
or not

not doing the right thing
or doing the right thing

lately i made the changed my mind to become more of an adult
wonderin who, what, when, where, why, how?

i bought some fuckin POWER TOOLS
hell yea


-Some Quick Thoughts-

sounds wierd
types wierd
should i ask her
try harder
should i move forward
cooley st
vampire shit is old
entourage is soon
i could use a bed
i could use some fierce cuddlin
maybe a dinner date
couchs with dog hair
my moms car is bad ass
my dad is cool
i look like him
there are others out there
ready for some fall
maybe i should climb
sam is cool
nikki is cool too
i wanna have fans
maybe a stalker
o, i think i still have one
maybe a fan club
ready for some super late secrets
building things
cutting things
records, vinyl, vintage
art, art, art
orange color
little red riding hood
young me
haircut #3?
job time
climb time
having a weigher in house
i am fuckin skinny
but strong like MAN

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