Thursday, September 15, 2011


Align Right
I thought i was getting sick
well i am very sick
in the head
but pretty normal to me
it happens to be that there are some
allergies in september
what the fuck?

my nose(es)
cuz it feels like i have two
are stuffed on the right
and drippy on the left

then the opposite
that again and again

i wonder if this is what it feels like
after a long binge snorting drugs
yea you think yea
i think yea also
cuz i feel cracked out most days
yours truly
has never put anything up these nostrils
except my man fingers
a 6th grade track meet
i did think it was cool to snort some Pixie Sticks

that is what i remember

who the fuck would name them Pixy Sticks
Wonka de Willie
silly little guy

wikipedia is amazing

comforting yet distant
because it is THE INTERNET

the internet makes me feel stuff-ee too
facebook makes me feel stuff... too

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