Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Closer

I feel like im getting closer on a few things
in my old troubled life

#1. Gallery
-images are sent, eastern montana here i come
now i have to figure pricing
and well, need #2 to even create more art

#2 House
electric problems but meeting today for bid
and hopefully by friday signed and delivered
but then 30 days after that
cuz of tenants

#3. Custody of My Child
the court system and wife are very difficult
oh, wait, just kidding

#4. Other things that dont need to be disclosed
you know what i mean
and no,
get ur mind out of the gutter
well or do keep it in

#5. to saving things
-like a gimp bird outside the Break's window
poor little feller aint gonna last long in the wild
we do have enough jippi-dee-doo-dahs
in this town to save a widdle birds wife

here is were Sparker might reside

oh, and climbing, ummmmmmmmmmmm
what is that

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