Friday, May 8, 2009

Double Front Chicken

James,"ive been a trekkie since the 60's"
Ben,"man, i tell you what, i have too"
Chad, "star trek is not as good as terminator"
James, "now wait a minute, ur too young to know"
Chad, "oh i know"

this is sort of the conversation that went down yesterday
some two old dudes, james and ben
and me and chad drinking at the d-front
apparently james knew wayyy to much about star trek
3 seasons, 72 episodes
and star trek the movie 1980
is the best movie ever

i am going to download that shit to make sure
i havent missed out on this

oh and "smurf piss" shots are easy to go down
but the energy drink part kept me rollin around
from 2 to 8 am.
no good
no good

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