Wednesday, May 27, 2009

some one will be thee

i am an edible(?) piece of me
not nearly re-in-car-nation
but just re-using me
i have been cooking for elder people
mostly because at a
"bed and breakfast"
old haggerds only stay there
i dont want to get old
when i got to these cool college parties
i am old
so ill go home or wake up or walk to
a mirror or what-not
and look
some days i am old
and some not
so when i cook for the elders
i am young
i dont want to get old
when i am doing young things
with "younger" kids
i feel old
the whole majority of this is
ok, so i dont believe what i believe
#1 i am always right but wrong
#2 you say something
-if i do agree, i dont
-if you agree, i dont
-not really opposite but the same
--sort of kind of, but not really

so back to elder thinkings

When i do happen to do what we call "die"
i want my funeral to be this
.some one will be in charge
..making sure <>
then their will be sort of a pot-luck-esk
about the whole get together
some tears
some laughter
some joy
some sorry
some hate
some warmth
.. but what the catch is....
is that they will be
pretty much re-in-car-nate-ing me
by the one in charge
that "1" will miss-tear-ee-us-lee
wisk away with my ashes
that is <>
and lets say
"randy colerdt" brought the basil tomato soup
that one will ash a little ash into it
and then who ever eats eats me
so what i call that is reee-innn-carrr-naaayyyy-shunnnn
although i might have to do test run
of what people like at my parties
young or old
maybe their is a world crisis on basil or tomato
a recall perhaps
what do we all do then

everyone cant go wrong with
so refreshed
that human that dabbled a gander of me
no will have,
not sure the percentage but
some part of me in him/her/it

if you could only then zoom in
to some part of them
then you would see those hard workin labor machines
being lubed with scott james parker
and damned be right
when i go, i want to be else where
other than
digging through the soil parts trying to be free
i want to be runing a-mass about another person
not really my dream girls but anyone
crack heads
just so i am free
so i will be other than thee

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