Tuesday, May 19, 2009

graduation monday...
oh wait, no more graduation
it more or less is the "days of our lives"
so yes it is 4:23 am in the morn
ive been havin fun okkkkk
i walked my baby big breast home
that is my upright bass for no one that knows
a lot of occurences occured
i thought it was around 1 am
and it was 3:41 when i left for my journey
my bass on back and guitar on hand
i wished i had some "hot chip"
on my musical phone
instead of some crunch-ee "hot chip"
i had
good but not as good
so i walkedd
me and my bass and my guitar
and kaetlyn and mysterious walked with me
until "university and higgins" the mystery-er said
i walked as i got about 3 blocks away
my back hurts i exclaimed
"no worries bra, ill carry ur gee-tar"
i thought i had it but the dude insisted
so kaetlyn gave me a "bed light"
and i dis-parted at u and higgins
they were going my way so i went other,
longer ways
i think i needed to chill alone, ya know
turned at great harvest
which i bought some apple crisp earlier today
and found myself looking down at a big bloch of black
it was a big ant cluster
they were just eating and building
i am realizing that it is
my back of my knees hurt
cuz my stander upper bass was
tapping and rubbing and nicking
at my back knees or whatever

i think that my day off of graduation what-not
created a good/bad response
in a decision that i could make
but i dont really need too
so ill stay up and smoke a smoke
and drink and drink... of water
and try to go to bed
while i just heard my roomate's alarm beep
damn scotty boy
late night and good times at sams/c-lo's house
now i rest and think about more
of tomarrow
work at 245
and make a missing of people slowly
even myself
cuz i lost me

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