Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i swear that if i believed in a god
it would say
"Scott, you are superstitious my son"

because lights turn off right when i think about them
-i walk on campus and the lights turn off right as i pass them
-i walk in my house and i look back, what do u think happens
--the street light turns off

i have to put on my left shoe or socks, always
-it has been years since the right one went on first
-if i start to do the right, i take however far i got and go in reverse
-anything down there goes on left to right

i have to always sleep with a thick blanket
-summer, i sleep with a big quilt, i dont care about sweat
-i do this because when i was younger, my sister told me
-"Scott, trolls will sneak at the end of ur bed and rip your pinky toenails off"
-so i started tucking feet under the blankets, whole body included
-that was probably 18-19 years ago
-no, i am not a wuss, i just want to keep my toenails

i am super-duper-stitious

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