Saturday, May 16, 2009

super big day

graduation friday for few of many.
-wake up hanged overed
-have heart burn from smokin, achohol, and fun
-make a moderate day at kootenai into fun climbing
-shower and start drinking again: 5pm
meet up and pick some bluegrass
meet up and pick some bluergrass
pick some bluegrss and drink
smoke some "european cigs"....
and pick some bluegrass
shots of rumplements..
and pick some bluegrss
see old lady friend and give a funny gester...
not what u think but u know
feel tired and pound a pbr outside
ride home and ears freeze off'
hate the chilly-ness
cook up last night pizza
1 slice and some garlic sause
get ready for heart burn tomarrow on 
Graduation Saturday
hope that "texting" (sexting)(mexting)(hexting)
go to sleep now

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