Tuesday, May 5, 2009

so summer is coming for "us" students
i always dont do what i want to do all year long
what? yeah i asked it too

im talking about talking to these "dream girls"

we all have them
no matter who you are
you see them
but you never really engage in conversation

and if you do "engage"
you never proceed to anything

well, i have about ah-many of these
"dream girls" all about this town i live in
thats about in the teens or more in counting
ive always never really thought about them
until i walk past them, or engage in eye glances

Is that smile something that i should proceed too?

i never know why i dont but i do know why
i am shy, scared, not talk-a-tive

do you ever wonder if...
they are thinking what you think their thinking

i really want to list a few so i will.

1. "exotica"
-that's what she looks like
-super beautiful
-exotic and one of a kind
2."the twins"
-always see them in the gym
-dont know which is which but beautiful
-have caught a few back-glances and wondered
3."mon./wed./fri/ 5 o'clock work out"
-she is blonde and cute
-she stole an ab work-out from me
-i am shy
-she seems shy
-i feel old sometimes
4."bus driver girl"
-i am attracted to brunette-skinny-tall
-sort of disappointed cuz i have never seen her smile
-wears "prana" gear
5."tan-a ba-nana"
-last summer, basically eff-ed danced
-friends of friends
-tall and skinny and not blonde
-stylish which i usually dislike
-never can proceed myself with anything more
there is a lot more which i have to think of later

maybe a casting of spells upon
will make me balls up and do something
probably not
that is why dream girls are dream girls
although i never really dream about them,
i just dream of dreamt-ness

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