Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2 more days of climbing to be had and many projects to be done
i am already ready for next year, hopefully i spend long time months of action in 2011

did the classic 'atari' which is really hard
and then my thumb got stuck for about 10 seconds on the right hand thumb hole
but i got it out and topped out

here is the kind-a-scary throw to the top

days before was my favorite 2 days, and best so far

with acid wash, and acid wash right going down
i was thankful for jesus' help
because this drop knee could take no more

too many times

one move before the crux move to the some-what-slopey lip
that left hand crimp is soooooo greasy
or moist is a good word

kyle almost stickin the one move wonder "toxic avenger"
so close, think tall like manute bul or yao ming

molly crushing n sending 'rio's crack'
also, she sent the shit out of herself, or the problem, 'molly'

some hugee mountain at the parking for the 'crab cooker' hotspring

like i said, 2 more days, and they r supposed to be cold
34 for crushing to be exact
could go to vegas but
money money money

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