Sunday, December 19, 2010

SO.. since ive had much time to think and dream
id like to share a few dream scenes with you

1. walking down the street and wave at a bus, only to find out that it is this girl that i always exchange smiles with at the gym. (not a dream girl yet). and then she says she is done working or driving and would walk with me home.

2. some kind of cult ending of the world is happening and i walk in the garage to find one of the attractive lady cult members. i do nothing of turning her in, but just chat for a while. i glance out the garage window to see different fires throughout the land (signs from the cult that the war in on) and i say goodbye to the cult member. i walk outside and hop on an old plane with some chick, not sure who, and fly away into the sun set

3. playing with broken valley roadshow in a barn for lots of people. plug in my bass which is more like an electric bass. the plug doesnt work and has some feedback. so i cant hear my bas r the rest of the music. move closer to matt, who is playing banjo and the crackle of feedback gets louder. then i awake from my dream to hear loud as shit rain drops on my tent. fuckin rain.

thats some of the dreams i have been having

kyle said he woke up screamin last night to some vampire dream, what a puss, haaa

3 more days of getting cracked out on coffee and trying to play chess (not too good)

hopefully taht 40% of rain means we can go break holds in the happies or sads.

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