Wednesday, December 22, 2010


back to rain for today
then 2 days of no rain
then rain one day
then 2 more days of rain
and then another huge storm for the new years weekend
probably going to leave on the 30th here
too much coffee shop time

it was nice to get out yesterday while things were drying up
made super progress on acid wash left
got it in two segments, which is sick
my style of not one single hard move
well the first move is super awkward but i love being tall
could be my first v10
the buttermilks are for sure out of commission.
next year going to come around november
so i can climb there and everything else other than the main area
surely going to be sick of the happies

we walked to the sads the other day
and there is like lakes where the trail goes to
fuckin rain

those coons came back last night but i hid my food so they wouldnt get it

this smornin i just literally laid in my tent and stared at the ceiling
some things i thought of

1.maybe i should use that higher left foot when going to the crimp on acid wash

2. i wonder if i will have enough juice and less fat from sitting around all day for acid wash

3. why didnt i balls up and say hello to that girl in the gym

4. i am a pussy

5. i think i can beat kyle in chess today

6. maybe beat him in monopoly too

7. no more puddle surfing, that probably was not good for my car

8. another new years in missoula, oh joy

9. what is the date today

10. my side abs hurt from that first move on acid wash

11. maybe i should not change beta and just stick with it

12. kyles getting up, time to force myself out of the sleeping bag and put on some smelly dirty clothes

hell yeah

i look like a greasy bum

that is because right now
i have a splendid side part going on
and take that plus grease
sweeties r saying sweet nothings to me, right now

oh, and i am not going insane-er

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