Monday, December 13, 2010


i think its about time to make a commitment
this is involved in new years resolutions
"commitment" that is

most new years resolutions are doubtfully pursued
or i guess pursued but not fullfilled
these resolutions could be a commitment,
a lifestyle change,
anything actually will do

ya know, i have been craving cigs lately
i thought chewin would help that habit but
smoking cigs might be my commitment for 2011
maybe quit chewing will be my commitment for 2011
and then
start smoking again
i have to much of an addicted personality
hopefully not hard drugs
my resolution will be

graduate college and do nothing with my degree
and then live out of my car
with the money my dying grandma gives me
and climb a shit ton and smoke cigs
and eat oats n rice n shitty food
while taking multi vitamins, duh
and maybe visit people
not sure who but just relax and try to be a bum for a while
but for now
i am keeping my mustache
until around january 1st.

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