Sunday, December 26, 2010

today is a good day

the weather is back to rainshadow weather
40% yesterday night and today
but the sun is a shinin
thought i could get a lot of sleep last night
getting ready for the coons

but damn wind picked up and kept me up forrrrever

so i thought again about some things

one thing pretty much for like 5 hours


and how cool it would be to just take like 15 or 17 loads
up a mountain and hide out

some things on my list
-20 rolls of duct tape
-8 cans of white gas
-a shit ton of noodles
-some parm
-300 yrds of nylon twine
-all of my fathers guns an ammo (might take like 10 different trips)

ya know, ya get the gist

oh and some sweet succulent lady
to take care of my wounds and be a baby maker

maybe ill name "it" Duncan

yep, that is what happens when you stare at the top of a tent
for hours and wait for the sun to rise and the ceiling of ur tent to get brighter

excited cuz the lovely couple of brandon and molly r coming down
and then sams slow-ass family lover will be here wed. night

took a rest day and going to crush juice out of rock, today
pics soon

1 comment:

  1. Damn straight on the V10! Congrats!

    Is this Brendon of Brendon fame? As in Brendon?? who's coming down? Tell him to end his cell phone silence. He can't hide in the blogosphere. Txt msg silence won't cut it. Nope.

    I still owe Sam a chess game too. Damn. I should come down too. Wish I was in college with all this spare time like you-all... well, no, actually, I don't.