Tuesday, December 21, 2010


50% today
which is actually sun right now
melting everything, even my face
70% tomarrow
then sun til we go home
thank god

last night we got super drunk and went puddle surfing
that involves driving down the road to happies and sads
where there is hugeeee puddles from the huge storm cali had
like puddles should be more like lakes
yes driving drunk is not good
when you risking going to bed at 7
you got to think of something
and driving drunk is good

so slept pretty well except the dog going through our trash
2 racoons
bastards kept me up all night
wanted to follow them back to there home and kidnap the baby racoon
but my shoes were wet.

soon there will be climbing

and my computer screen has two huge cracks on it
and a black spot the size of a small leaf
time to switch from a toshiba

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    This was my ID, but it wouldn't allow me to post