Wednesday, December 14, 2011

airport security

been flying since yesterday night
944 hawaii time
and me being such a crack head
i can never sleep in these situations
one thing i loveeee to do inbetween flights

it is awesome
cuz im sure everyone
literally, Everyone
is doing the same
u people watch and usually connect eyes
and quickly disconnect eyes
my camera is in a safe place
and i dont have enough balls
just to take pictures of everthing i see

ill just explain

-a hardcore black cowboy,
dressed in all black too
hell yea

-girly girl times 50
with two little pieces of shit dog
but she was cute

-a military duder
that i purposely tried to say hello
no response

-if u know ian
i saw a bizarro old ian
all tattooed up
and like 65
sorry old man
"way cool"

-i perfectly healthy little girl
in a wheelchair
with mother walking next her
spoil little shit

-sweats all over the place
and not the sweats you wear

-all decked out yellow girl
that within 15 feet of walking
or texting
ran into 3 people

-a stewardess chick
i would marry
of coarse

-an old ass grandma
i would marry

-people in too much of a rushhhh
to get on the plane
when all they have to do is
for it to take off

see some folks
i shouldve dressed more comfy
all i own is tighty levis
and for some reason
i got all the middle fuckin seats
no window
no aisle
i had two aisle seats actually
but a nice old lady came by and
said excuse mee
i, i, umm sassssit thhheeree sweety
so i let her have the aisle
cuz i do not want her
poopin her panties
i can be nice
on occasions

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