Saturday, December 10, 2011

the west was not won

timeless interactions
when u have many mai tai's
i am pretty sure
that is my new drink

talking with my father
and brother-in-law
it is timeless
meaning not affected by time
or quality of being eternal
this timeless event
is not always this past father-lee moment,
but not now also

it is always, and always.. always

i have no concept time
right now
the next day

if u dont think so
this is how i react on saving a little praying mantis
with my niece

ok ok
it is actually
thee shitty lahani or however ya spell it
wind here
damnnn wind over there
we both (mia) did save a praying mantis
from a dark human foot hole


oh, this is my father if ya didnt know

thanks for the trip, father
it is gonna be a long 3 more days bud

i accompanied or
they (my sis and bro-in-law) accompanied me
in a Go Zip Line adventure

pretty cool
pretty dumb
sorta skechty
gear is old

when we crossed a bridge
the employee pointed out their (chinese bamboo)
below us was i vast rainforest
but actually he was seeing if i was cool
chinese bamboo means
a shit ton of pot plants growing
holy hell
i just looked back and said
"chinese bamboo, huh" in a cool, monotone gesture-lee way
and then we were cool from there

"the dope bridge"

after one zip-eh-dee-doo-line
they explained
oh, u have "a climbing background"
fuck, i really hate talking climbing it seems now
wait, always hate it, sorry
they seem to keep telling me
and after every zip line
"yea, climber bud
yeah climber pro"
2300 ft zip line=pretty fun

other than the hurricane winds
and rain storms
it was boring fun
ya know

is this a twitter + facebook account
nope, just a fuckin blog that sounds like that
sorry for worry,
and goodnight

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