Wednesday, December 7, 2011

one day of sun

i forgot the cold
but miss the cold

i havent forgot the sun
it is early but late here

hawaii is like rich mazatlan, mx
but with hawaii peeps
and dark tan girls
that look like city girls
that would rip ur face in
and then beep ur brains
"if... u had money"

great street sign
drivin from the air port

that lead us to this place
wayyyy fuckin pimp
as some people would say

-kid pool
-adult pool
-lazy river
-everything is made from Bosch (yeaa)
-wrap around deck
-fully stocked (with most everything)
-oh, beachhhh
- all the doors open us and fold back,
so ur whole room is an open window

this is my girl
but not my girl
on a paddle board
out in the sea of sharks
"actually a random lady"

apparently it is the "tourist thing to do"
looks fun
but i hate the ocean
prolly wont go in

makes me want to earn
a bunch of money
and come here a lot
or honeymoon this place
i get the couch, of coarse
and im pretty sure
somewhere above,
or right
there was some loving going on
and it was a bit loud
like ass slappin

well, honeymoon galores
preggers all runnin about
plastic surgerys
u name it
its here

going to go back
next week
and start scheming plan
to make a lot of money
and i think i know just the way

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