Sunday, December 11, 2011

gumby killa

so far
i have read 1 book
Seal Team 6
or something like that title

this was my fathers book
and he thought a
"fatherly son thing to do"
would be to give me this to read

it was pretty sweet and gun"ee"
but i have to say
i am thankful for my bro-in-law
cuz my dad toasts him
and not me
and talks like a creepy old man to him not me
"check that one out"
"wheww, nice"

thank god

and not me
but my bro-in-law
that he engages in deep
retarded bro-bra conversation

you must be thinkin
poor sparker
i could give a fuck
cuz i could give a fuck

but the one thing my dad loves to talk about is
i could talk about shooting shit
and killing squirrels and rabbits
and deers
ands elks and
what nots for a while
but just with my dad
it is pretty much
the only conversation i have with him
that about lasts 3 to 5 mins

u say
poor sparker
well, u got it
dont give a shit

i guess my bro-in-law and i
have the same relationship as that
actually i just dont really feel like talkin
about to much with him

here, is an example of us going to war together

i never knew that petzl helmets
were bullet proof
well, here is proof that there still is a gumby killa
in all of everything thats me

i cant wait to get a .308 & ar15 from the father

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