Monday, December 19, 2011

come pick me up

i absolutely enjoy being a hermit
hell yes

i wish i had the time
hint hint
to do things for long periods
i am acquiring a mild case of
grown up ADHD
full blown ADD

but luckly
i have many things to do

started some new pieces
and excited for the end result
2 of them r 8 by 4 feet
and female

and one is this one

and two r a cat and dog
for my niece for christmas

does ur mother call u every fuckin day
like the day after u spend 7 full days
non-stop family time
and then she calls and says
hey, how r u
sounds like that weird text i get
from that weird girl too

i told my mother
"i dont gossip"
old people gossip too
old people

listen to "come pick me up"
by ryan adams on 'heartbreaker'
awesome song

1 comment:

  1. Yep. Got the Mom call the day after I left her house in MD asking me what was new?