Sunday, January 16, 2011

Need Money, Please Help

Well, like all humans, we need money
and its bullshit if people say the differ
cuz if you dont have any, your still happy (bullshit)
only homeless people high on life can say this
i on the other hand
am thinking of having my mother help me of writing a grant
to some rich and famous person
be it an actress, actor, musician, whoever
and ask them for some help
it would sort of by like a sponsorship
pretty cool sponsorship too

this is what i would say
"yeah, i am sponsored by a pornstar"

i believe they are more vulnerable because of their past
i mean come on, who becomes a pornstar
yet in my sponsorship
i would have to promote them so that would be weird
let alone my climbing bag
-3 pairs of shoes
-2 chalk bags
-peanut butter
-and a stack of various porn dvd's

maybe i could save room by putting them on a flash drive?

i guess it is like playing the lottery
you have to play it to win it
so i will have to start writing a masterpiece of a grant
to convince some lonely, poor porn soul
to give me their sex money
so i can take showers every 2 weeks and eat poorly
sounds like a happy homeless person to me

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